Sunday, December 9, 2012

Did you know???

If you didn't know...

Skeletal Lightning has transformed into an independent label! While we still hope to post about neat bands from time to time, our primary focus will be on the label.

We have a slew of releases lined up over the next few months and are very excited for what's to come.

Currently, our first tape release from NJ emo band Tawny Peaks is up for pre-order in the Skeletal Lightning Store. The tape is scheduled for a release date of December 26, and pre-orders should ship just prior.

After that, we have releases from Kittyhawk, Aviator, and Locktender lined up, as well as a few more projects in the works for the spring.

For full details on the bands, releases and more, check out

Thank you for the support!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Locktender - Cleveland, OH. - Hardcore/Screamo

A heavy and dynamic concept hardcore/screamo band with a passion for the arts. Formerly known as Men As Trees.
For fans of: Circle Takes The Square, Loma Prieta, Fall of Efrafa, Masakari

All music available for free download at


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Certain People I Know - Chicago, IL. - Emo/Indie/Rock

Certain People I Know is one of many present day emo bands. What's different about them is that they feature of the guys who started it all - Bob Nanna.

This isn't quite your typical Nanna project as it features female vocals and a subtle difference in styling from Hey Mercedes and Braid.

Check out the debut S/T LP below. Watch live footage from the band's first performance even further below.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pity Sex - Ann Arbor, MI. - Emo/Indie/Punk

If you haven't caught on to Pity Sex (the band, of course..), you've been missing out. I like to call it weepy emo with a tinge of indie jams. 

This stuff is so catchy! Listen to Dark World below. Watch a sweet live performance of the song "Cocoa Cola" even further below.

For fans of: Brave Bird, Dowsing, Old Gray

Monday, November 5, 2012

Skeletal Lightning Store sale item of the week: Northless "Clandestine Abuse" 2x12"

The first ever Skeletal Lightning Store sale item of the week is Northless' "Cladestine Abuse" 2x12". Grab it from the store for only $15.50 through Sunday!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin based band Northless bring the doom and sludge. Heavy as hell! This record will blow down the town.

 Out of print! Get it here while you can.

First pressing on orange vinyl, featuring Ross Ellis printed gatefold covers and insert. Includes download code!

 1. Flesh & Ghost
2. Clandestine Abuse
3. Dead Ends
4. Not Made For Existence
5. Sundowner
6. Empty Home
7. Damnation
 8.The Storm

 Released February 2011.

 From Halo of Flies: With “Clandestine Abuse” the band’s intensity is captured on record, at long last. Since adding two additional members to the lineup, (the band started as guitar/drum duo) Northless has expanded on their original style of atmospheric sludgy metal and gone beyond the barrier that holds lesser bands back. This progression enabled Northless to break through into new territory and write truly exceptional songs, more focused, more dense. “Clandestine Abuse” might be one of the most misanthropic, angst-filled albums I’ve ever heard, but it never fails to instill a feeling of hope in the listener. A hope that a band can draw upon familiar influences and personal experiences, draw on them and combine them to create something that breaks the mold of slow & heavy music.


Northless - Clandestine Abuse 2x12" - $15.50